There is only one story in town at the moment and that involves ice, snow and exactly what automobile you intend to tackle it with.

At times like this the ownership of a Series 3 Land Rover comes in handy, and as my permanently depressed, poultry keeping, recycling lunatic of a neighbour said to me, ‘I guess you’ve been driving around feeling smug?’ Well no actually, just very lucky. 

When I first moved to the sticks from the Big Smoke only the landowners had 4x4s. Everyone else managed with old Maxis, Metros and Mk2 Golfs. It’s all about how you drive, of course, as the intelligent and skillfull readers of Autocar know all too well.

In fact, the other evening I was behind the most cautiously driven Freelander 2 in the universe, the owner seemingly unaware that the vehicle had the ability to cope with the conditions.

So with a few grand to spare, what sort of snow mobile would you buy?

According to the chief mechanic at my local garage, Stuart, it has to be small and skinny tyred.

He’s right too: in an ice rink of a doctor’s car park, a 20-year-old faded red Daihatsu Cuore that was fighting a rear guard action against rampant rust slipped out of the car park without actually slipping.