I get a lot correspondence from youngsters starting out on their automotive journeys with not much in the way of savings and nothing resembling a no claims bonus.

Insurance is always the killer, so it was interesting the other day to come across someone who, at 22, had paid his insurance dues, but still had a first time buyer budget. He wanted excitement for £1000.

With a Citroen Saxo for company he was happy to upgrade to a VTR, but wondered whether I had any other ideas.

Well, £1000 never sounds like a lot when you want a car that does a bit more than get from A to B. It’s hard to know where to start, but thank heavens for the interweb as there’s quite  a lot out there.

The one and only time I ever had a press car for more than an hour was when a magazine had a Seat Ibiza GTI going spare. Compared to the stodgy Mk3 Golf it was a light, responsive bundle of fun.