Welcome to the DAFTAs (Deserving Awards For Transport And Science).

In no particular order, this week they are:

Most irritating web contributor of the week; nickscheeleSo far nickscheele has made approximately 56, 987 contributions to our web forum, none of which have been very positive, most of which have been curiously irritating to read. The thing about nickscheele, though, is that quite often he’s right. Which is doubly irritating from our point of view. Keep up the good work, nickscheele, and remember; try to smile at least once every 24 hours.

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Yarn of the week; petrol prices reaching record levelsThe AA has predicted that petrol prices will soon rise above the previous record of 119.7p per litre, due to the “increase in the wholesale cost of petrol.” Whatever that means. Surely it would be better, say, if we could agree to pay for our petrol on a half-sale basis, a bit like they do in the Middle East? Actually no, sorry, that’s not possible given the mess our economy is still in, is it? Perhaps instead our petrol could be quantitatively eased into our tanks at, say, £2 a gallon – just as it is in the USA.