Welcome back to the DAFTAs (Deserving Awards For Transport And Stuff).

Here are this week's accolades:

PR excuse of the week; the Alfa Mito doesn’t ride very well because it uses a lowered Punto platform and so doesn’t have quite enough suspension travelOr to put it another way; sorry folks but we couldn’t be arsed to design it properly in the first place. Please don’t give us a hard time though because, well, everyone has a soft spot for Alfas, don’t they? And our cars do always look really nice.Sorry chaps but we’ve been hearing this sort of tripe from you for decades, and the bottom line is; it’s not good enough (cue all sorts of abuse from planet Alfa).

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Most irritating web contributor of the week; Virgin PowerNo one is quite sure whether Virgin Power actually works for Richard Branson’s F1 team or not but, in truth, no one really cares. Virgin Power’s contributions are getting longer and more crazed as the days and weeks go by. In fact, Virgin Power’s ramblings have become so long-winded of late that no one has actually reached the end of one for several months. Good luck in Australia this weekend Virgin Power, or wherever you really are.

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Mystery of the week; who spanked the Zonda?Was it Sir Jackie, was it Monkey, was it The Stig? Maybe it was me and the bang on the head has caused the incident to be somehow erased from my memory?No one really knows. One thing’s for sure, though, whoever did it is not very popular with their insurance company Aviva right now, which has agreed to cough up £300k to fix the Pagani.Rumour has it that the owner of the car was in the passenger seat at the time, watching the mystery maestro at work. And then, whoaaa, the thing snapped sideways and ended up clouting a telegraph pole. Ouch.Cropley tells an amusing yarn about the time he parked his very own Ferrari in a field while doing a cornering photograph with another member of staff beside him in the passenger seat. When they stopped rotating, the passenger apparently just whispered “Oh Stephen…” It’s hard to imagine the Zonda owner reacting in the same way under the circumstances.

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You what? of the week; Bentley’s new £10k sunglassesBy all accounts Bentley’s designers went to Austrian shades expert Estede to help co-develop its new platinum bins. What they should have done, however, is rebadge a pair of Ray Bans and pocket the change. Which would be considerable at 10 grand a pop.

Horn of the week; the Bugatti GaliberIt may look like a very big, very brash, not very beautiful version of the Bentley GT. But it does have 800bhp from a supercharged W16, which is all that’s required to win a DAFTA.

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Sad fact of the week; four out of five 1-Series drivers think their car is front-wheel-driveIs this conclusive proof that rear-wheel-drive is an expensive and increasingly irrelevant engineering solution in 2010? Maybe. Perhaps it shows that 1-Series drivers are, in the end, just badge snobs. Or it could merely be an attempt by BMW’s marketing folks to pave the way for a new front-wheel-drive project. Either way, the ultimate drivers cars are-a-changing, and quite a lot of us enthusos are upset about it. Question is, does BMW still care about us?

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Car of the week; Honda Civic Type R MugenSomewhat bizarrely, I drove this car for the first time this week, over one of my all time favourite roads, with Miss England 2001 in the passenger seat (don’t ask). I think it may have affected my judgment slightly. The noise it made was fantastic. And the car didn’t sound too bad either (tadaaaaaaaa). Seriously, this is the most exciting hot hatchback I have ever driven, Amen, even if it is a tad pricey at £38,599.

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So until this time next week…