The fact that British consumers get the rawest deal on new car prices is nothing new, and I should have probably grown out of being surprised by it by now. But news from America on the entry-level pricing of the VW Tiguan still caused me to spit at least half an overpriced latté all over my computer monitor this morning.

That's right, folks. The European-built Tiguan will be crossing 4000 miles of the Atlantic and, coming as standard with the Golf GTI-spec 2.0-litre TFSI engine, will be priced at the princely sum of just $22,490 in base form. That's £11,037 according to In the UK the 2.0-litre TSI version costs almost exactly double that, at £22,870.

Yes, I know - currency rates go up and down, the US-spec version carries less standard equipment than the UK model and Americans have to make do with front-wheel drive unless they pay extra to upgrade to 4motion. That accounts for, at most, £3000-worth of difference - a fair bit of which should be offset by the American Tiguan's week-long sea journey, landing fees and customs charges.

All I can hear is an enormous ripping noise.