I'm now three months into my £500 XJ6 ownership, and if I'm honest, I was having it all a bit too easy. I'd jump in, turn the key, and it would start every time, and since the suspension work a month back, my smug face was beginning to annoy people. 

However, last week I was given my first reminder that this is an 11-owner, 150,000-mile car. I turned the key, on came the engine with all the warning lights on the instrument cluster as usual. But, usually they all disappear again, to be replaced by a reflection of my smug face. Not this time.

This time the 'ANTI LOCK' light stayed on. A quick Google search resulted in forums suggesting it was either a fuse problem or that the wheel sensors were playing up and that 'a good long drive' would sort it out. I was sceptical, but sure enough, it soon went off again and hasn't reappeared. One to keep an eye on.

One evening this week, though, a bigger problem emerged. Driving back from a car launch late at night the engine began to hesitate and eventually I was restricted to a sort of limp-mode 5mph. This happened on Hammersmith roundabout, at 11.30pm, and three attempts to restart it resulted in nothing.

On the fourth, it fired back to life, so I crept around the roundabout only for the same to happen again. Luckily it's probably an easy fix: put some fuel in. The range was showing 50 miles, but I haven't trusted my gauge since day one, and I think 20 years of sediment was obstructing the pick-up in the tank.