One of the best - and arguably most dangerous - things about choosing this line of work is the fact that checking the classifieds is rarely frowned upon.

In fact, most people have an internet browser tab dedicated to just that, buried amongst countless manufacturer brochures and hp-to-bhp conversion charts.

Upon finding a hidden gem, the finder invites the rest of the office to have a look, everyone (mostly) agrees it's a fascinating thing, considers the financial implications, quickly realises it's a distant dream and returns muttering to their desk. 

That is, until the day that a 1995 Jaguar XJ6 showed up for £500.

I was doing my usual rounds. Select Porsche from the drop down menu, laugh hysterically, weep silently, click back. Select Rolls Royce, dribble, click back. Scroll down to Volvo, then 960, have a proper look then click back, not man enough to spend £800.

Select Jaguar, then XJ6, good God! There, at the very top was N860 FCL, priced at £500. I rang in an instant, to be told it was supposed to be advertised at £800 - indeed it was on eBay at the same time. I told them I was interested at £500, they said come and have a look.