Today, students around the country are receiving their GCSE results. And while they are hopefully celebrating, lots of people have been getting very confused by a new grading system.

This year, the GCSE grading system has been overhauled, with the traditional letter system replaced with a numbered version that runs from 1-9. Well, technically it runs from 9-1, because 9 is the top mark and 1 is the lowest.

But, just to be clear, 9 doesn’t simply equte to an A* under the old scheme, because the levels are different. So a C under the old system is a 4 in the new system. Sort of. A 4 is considered a ‘standard pass’, while a 5 is considered a ‘strong pass’. 

Oh, and for this year, the new grading only applies to GCSEs in English and maths. And for students in England. Elsewhere, the old letter system still applies.

It’s confusing. Well, I’m confused. I suspect the smart kids who have been sitting their GCSEs understand it fully. 

But watching and reading pundits and experts trying to explain the new GCSE grading system brought to mind Audi’s new model numbering system, which the firm is introducing across its whole range.