What a farce yesterday's congressional  hearings over the Toyota recall were.

Just to recap, company boss Akio Toyoda was summoned to answer questions from a US Congressional Committee in Washington.

Did it answer any questions though? No. What we got was a load of blustering from congressmen trying to put Toyoda on the spot and, no doubt, trying to look tough to voters back in their home states.

Toyoda for his part gave rambling answers in corporate speak made painfully slower as they were going through a translator.

Basically, he's sorry. Toyota is working hard to put it right and the boss will make sure it doesn't happen again.

But the US government hardly needed to go to these lengths to get this response.

Toyota has 10 plants in the US and can rightly call itself an American car maker such are the numbers of cars it makes and the number of Americans it employs.

I wonder if any of the Big Three would have got this OTT treatment if they had been involved in a similar issue?