My height is very deceiving. From some angles I’m a commanding six foot something, but when I want to get something off the middle shelf in the kitchen, I need a bit of a leg up.

Being averagely sized and sold just a little bit short by nature, I can fit into just about any car, fast, slow, big, small or commercial.

However, tall people, those who are so high that they are true freaks of nature, have a massive problem.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a van, 4x4 or even a full-size MPV is going to be any more generous when it comes to headspace than any other car, because quite often the floor is just further off the ground. A sunroof used to rob a precious few inches from above the cranium, but they are rare these days. According to my tall correspondents it is still a huge problem to fit themselves in a car.

A height-adjustable seat is certainly a wonderful thing, and its invention has meant that Mrs R, who is rather less than average when it comes to height, could always make Saabs work for her. In every other car she needs a cushion. Pumping up and down the seat on many Fords has always been a good thing.