My height is very deceiving. From some angles I’m a commanding six foot something, but when I want to get something off the middle shelf in the kitchen, I need a bit of a leg up.

Being averagely sized and sold just a little bit short by nature, I can fit into just about any car, fast, slow, big, small or commercial.

However, tall people, those who are so high that they are true freaks of nature, have a massive problem.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a van, 4x4 or even a full-size MPV is going to be any more generous when it comes to headspace than any other car, because quite often the floor is just further off the ground. A sunroof used to rob a precious few inches from above the cranium, but they are rare these days. According to my tall correspondents it is still a huge problem to fit themselves in a car.