When we first tested Mitsubishi’s twin-clutch SST transmission, we weren’t exactly overwhelmed. It was quick, but it was occasionally jerky, and getaways were hampered by a torque limiter that removed half of the twist in first gear.

Now, though, I have tested the same transmission in the rather beefier 324bhp FQ-330. And it is a revelation. The torque limiter has gone, so the Evo now rockets off the line every bit as quickly as it looks as if it should.

Mitsubishi isn’t saying how much work has gone into tweaking the electronic brain of the SST gearbox to make it work properly – to do so would be to admit it didn’t work well enough in the first place – but I’d be willing to bet that a lot of effort has gone into getting it this good.

Fact is, the latest iteration of the SST transmission, especially in conjunction with the grunty FQ-330 version of the Evo X, is finally as good as it should always have been. Question is, why didn’t Mitsubishi get it right sooner?

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