Just imagine that your name is Leslie Edgar for a moment, and that you are a highly successful computer-games software engineer who has just bought TVR “lock, stock and barrel” from its previous owner, Nikolei Smolenski. What would you do with your new car company during the weeks, months and years to come? 

What sort of cars would you be looking to produce? What sort of engines and gearboxes might they use? Who would you be trying to lure away from their current jobs to design and engineer them properly? What would they look like? And how much, approximately, would your new cars cost?

On Pistonheads today there is an interview with Mr Edgar in which he gives little away. He won’t even say which particular TVRs he’s owned in the past (if any) on the grounds that he doesn’t want the new TVR to be pre-judged in any way whatsoever. Which is fair enough I suppose, if a little cold emotionally.