Here we are then: the annual, “Do Panic! Don’t drive anywhere, there is at least an inch of snow,” UK weather warning.

P1030535 So while the health and safety Stasi insist that we stay indoors, Canadians, Scandinavians and Lativians are absolutely killing themselves with laughter.

Of course, ice and snow is no laughing matter, so it is good that we get some practice in.

Down my way, which is in the middle of nowhere, grit lorries don’t dare stray off the A-roads. However, the local councils do have some yellow grit bins at certain junctions and if you live nearby then it is surely your civic duty to risk life and limb and make a decent job of spreading the salt around. There was only patchy evidence of that this morning as I did the school run.

P1030536 However, a seven-mile journey on a uniformly white ice-and-snow road was reassuringly uneventful, simply because my fellow road users were fantastically sensible.

I had heard that a whole generation of drivers have not even driven in snow, as the last significant cold snap was 1979, although I can remember a few bad years in the ’80s.

But everyone kept their speed down, their distance up and sudden braking/steering to a minimum. It was all going well until I went to fill up at Waitrose.