When celebrity car endorsements go bad… that would be Jennifer 'Jenny from the Block' Lopez who, if an internet-savvy anti-nuke pressure group is concerned, loves Iran.

Confused? The Internet is a ship of fools, of course, and the reasoning of this anti-nuclear protest against J-Lo is this.

Iveco, the truck company that's a subsidiary of Fiat Industrial, has been criticised by United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) for producing vehicles that are on sale in Iran. UANI doesn't like the fact that Iveco trucks have been photographed hauling nuclear warheads around. Mind you, Iveco can't be best pleased about it either.

Anyway, you go from Iveco to Fiat and then onto a Latin temptress who happens to be driving around in adverts featuring a Fiat 500. As tenuous as that seems, it hasn't prevented UANI from laying into J-Lo by producing a spoof version of her Fiat telly advert.