One of the small pleasures of sitting through a car manufacturer's press conference is that you are invariably provided with a shiny new pen and pad with which to take notes. Like I said, it's a small pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless.

Almost invariably, the pens and pads are branded, so you'll be taking notes on the new VW Tiguan (for example) using a VW Tiguan pen and writing on a VW Tiguan notepad.

What's amazing is how true to brand these products are. The aforementioned Tiguan pad and pen are pretty high quality items (though I should point out that we're still talking biro here). Neither is flash, but both are functional and discreetly stylish.

Then there's the pen and pad from the Seat Altea Freetrack launch. Both are a little glitzier than their VW counterparts, but both feel just the tiniest bit less robust.

Audi's pens are covered in a soft-touch foam rubber stuff that really is reminiscent of the plush interior of an A5.

The pen I got on the Skoda Fabia launch wasn't even branded, though it was perfectly decent as disposable biros go.

But of all the car manufacturers' pens I've got, the Lexus one is easily the best. It's a smart black Rotring one that looks good, feels high-quality and works perfectly. Just like a Lexus.