There’s unrestricted parking on my road in Lewisham. Actually, only half of it is on the road, as the drivers mainly park up on the pavement, with only the least risk-averse adopting a full-on, 12-inches-from-the-kerb position.

More and more houses are paving the front garden and lowering the kerb to get their cars out of harm’s way, but the pressure against this is mounting.

I’ve just been leafing through the latest issue of Horticulture Week. Did you know that you now need planning permission to pave an area of front garden larger than 5 sq metres?

That’s all well and good, and I’m sure that there are very good reasons – water run-off, heat absorption/reflection etc – not to pave, but the mood is moving towards some kind of electric propulsion and domestic charging points.

The cars are going to have to be charged off the road - I have quite enough difficulty getting to work in the morning without having to worry about someone from the rough end of the street unplugging my wagon during the night and ‘siphoning off’ a few kWh before morning.