If you’ve read our first drive of the Vauxhall VXR8 GTS, you’ll already know that it’s a great sports saloon. You’ll also know that it’s an expensive sports saloon. £49,950 is a lot to ask for any Vauxhall, after all – even one with 425bhp.

There was plenty of forum debate after our review went live recently as to whether you’d have to be mad to spend BMW M3 money on a rebadged Holden. But there was at least one expectant owner who thought the new VXR8 would be worth the price, presumably even before he drove one. And he wasn’t mad: just a proper car enthusiast with a particular penchant for V8 engines and Aussie touring cars.

Tom Walkinshaw would have become the very first individual to take ownership of a new VXR8 GTS. The car in our photos - driven by yours truly, as well as a procession of other UK car hacks, a week ago in southern France – was meant for him.