My favourite car of 2010 was undoubtedly the Jaguar XJ Supersport. I was a huge fan of the previous XJR, and still think it makes a great secondhand buy. But the combination of the proper, modern interior, new larger supercharged V8 and the XJ’s superb handling makes the Supersport unbeatable.

Even in long-wheelbase form, as I drove it, it was ridiculously easy to place on narrow country lanes, and you only needed a slight broadening or straightening of the road to really floor it.

Once you’re on the open road or motorway, you can genuinely give it the beans. You can’t help noticing that the V8 just keeps on pulling, partly helped by the fact that although it’s colossal on the outside, the XJ’s aluminium construction makes it surprisingly light. The SWB version is actually lighter than the equivalently engined XF.

Add to that typically light Jaguar steering, which weights up well in corners and with plenty going on in your hands, and you really feel like you could do a slalom with a few five pence coins.