Can somebody explain to me why anybody would want a convertible Noble?

Clearly Steve Rubie-Todd could, as he founded Salica – a Bristol company that has just started offering a conversion kit for M12s, and he has "long wanted a convertible Noble".

What's the point? There's a point to a 911 Cabriolet because people like to pose in them, but surely the only reason you buy a Noble is because it's a brilliant, high performance sports car. Sure, they look dramatic, but no fashionista would buy one because they look good outside the Dorchester.

Don't get me wrong - I like convertibles. I love the Aston V8 Roadster, and I would recommend the Mazda MX-5 to anyone wanting a fun, affordable two-seater. I also think folding hard tops are a brilliant idea - I would even consider buying one. Unless they're hindering an otherwise great sports car from being great, what's not to like?