You may be uninterested to know that the last few pixes (sic) on my clock display finally cleared off this week after 16 years. It means I can no longer tell the time, so if I’m late for an appointment now you know why.

Obviously I’ve got a 1980s Seiko self-winder, the Golf mk2 of the wristwatch world and that means I’m covered in the timekeeping area. However, it does beg the question of just what information you actually need on the move. Considering that most manufacturers now treat us like idiots and have made the bonnet a sealed unit and the dashboard a blinking mess of warning lights, just what do you want to know.

Well for me the Mini de luxe binnacle contained all the vital signs. Speed, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel. Now I can do without the fuel as I have done on many vehicles over the years and actually a voltmeter is far more useful. Everything else is superfluous. Put those on a head up display and I’ll be happy.

Admittedly, I do love the Concorde flight deck look with rows of rocker switches and a bunch of dials like you’d find on something fast and expensive from the ‘60s, or made in someone’s shed and featured in Custom Car in the ‘70s.