No, really I will. Or at least I will listen to any suggestions, silly or otherwise you have in mind for me. The Jag went and now there is a 16 foot space waiting for something else to fill it. Ideally I don’t want anything I’ve had before, even though a Mark 2 Golf GTI any E34 BMW and yet another Mini I’d certainly welcome onto my drive. As for budget, well I am immensely wealthy so money isn’t an issue, except that it is. I really don’t want to spend more than £2000 and rather fancied something in the £1000 envelope.


Colour has never bothered me.

Condition. Well the body does not have to be A1 as I live in an environment that trashes bodywork fairly comprehensively. Otherwise I like to see lots of history and a full MOT if possible.

Powerplant. Petrol please and the size of the engine is irrelevant, but a large characterful one will be fine, as would a small eager one.