Seems Honda may well have a nice problem going with the Insight, which has got off to a barnstorming start here in Japan.

04_200_insight_euro Orders over the first two weeks on sale have topped 10,000, miles ahead of Honda’s monthly target of 5000 units.

So already there’s talk of a two-month waiting list and the spectre of Honda maybe even having to up production of the Insight to keep up with demand.

You might recall the Insight’s set up to do 200,000 units per year worldwide, with some 40,000 earmarked for Europe and markets outside the US and Japan.

02_2009insight_euroNow, it’s still very early days but the Insight could yet go bigger than that, because it’s new and cool and ticks so many of the right eco boxes. What other manufacturers would give to have a “problem” like that right now.

Price is certainly a big lure. Honda starts the Insight off here at ¥1.89 million (call it £14,235) and that’s a lot less than the Prius.

The Insight also scores a mixture of 73-85 mpg in Japan’s various fuel cycles and those are numbers you can be sure have also captured the public and media’s attention (although the Prius, with its more sophisticated hybrid system actually fares even better).

08_20_insight_euroHaving a Honda badge also helps because Honda is still seen as smarter and sexier in Japan than Toyota and Nissan.

So it’s looking good for the Insight. At the same time you can’t help thinking that perhaps that this is the car Honda should have introduced 10 years ago, instead of the quirky, two-seat, three-cylinder Insight, wacky wheel spats and all.

Still, Honda got there in the end.


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