I am extremely irritated by a recent Hyundai press release. Apparently they loaned out three old Rovers to motoring hacks.

The company apparently wanted to give journalists a taste of what it's like to drive an old car day-in, day out. “So we sent them a ‘snotter’ for a few days instead of a nice new press car,” it read.

To me the underlying message of this is just how stupid and misguided it is to own an older car. Rover is a fantastically easy target as they don’t exist anymore. Surely they could have playfully submitted an old Escort, or Pony. Now I can criticize old Rovers and certainly have done, not least because I’ve put my own taxes into the company. I still have a sense of humour, but I do think it is disrespectful for a foreign car company to have a go at my, admittedly flawed, motoring heritage.

In Twitterdom I have had industry PRs telling me how uncomfortable, unsafe and unreliable old cars are. They truly believe that old cars are rubbish, which in some cases they obviously are and have questioned whether I would actually put a member of family in an old car. Well I do. I actually ‘drive old cars day in, day out.’

So am I feeling a tad over sensitive about this, just an irritated old man or do I have a point?

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