It seems incredible now, but the first time I used a production sat-nav system in anger was back in 1998 to steer myself in a Mk4 Golf 1.8T from London to Comrie in Scotland. Of course, I could easily estimate the route to Edinburgh, but the navigation guided me right to the car park of the hotel I was looking for.

One thing that is burnt on my memory is the way the nav system triumphantly announced ‘you have arrived’ as I got to the hotel. Back then, in the day before mass-internet usage, the VW’s sat-nav system was a really stunning piece of technology.

Yesterday, I experienced what is probably the ultimate expression of satellite-navigation technology in the form of Audi’s fully-integrated, internet connected, mapping. I was surprised just how much difference it made to me when piloting the Audi A8 Hybrid and A6 Allroad around unfamiliar territory.