Back in the summer of 2007, Ferrari celebrated its 60th anniversary with a technical symposium at its Maranello HQ.

There it unveiled a model of the Millechili concept (which looked like an 70 per cent scale model of the Enzo), a medium-term project to build a scaled-down supercar that weighed just 1000kgs.

So it’s interesting to see that, this evening, Ferrari has announced that it has inaugurated the ‘MilleChili’ laboratory at the engineering department of the University of Modena.

Ferrari says ‘It is a lecture room equipped with hardware, software and chassis from Ferrari to study research projects developed by the faculty’s undergraduates, aiming at a weight reduction. Eight undergraduates will work at the “MilleChili” laboratory. They can rely on the support of their teaching staff and some Ferrari engineers.’

The 2007 Millechilli concept proposed some very radical ideas. Aside from a chassis made of very hi-tech aluminium/lithium alloys or laminated aluminium/carbon composites, it also proposed a complete rethink of the rest of the car. The driver sat in a fixed position, with an adjustable wheel and pedal box. All the vehicle controls were fitted to the steering wheel boss.