It's the end of the week, so it mut be time for some more Daftas

Accessory of the week; Land Rover Bush hat

The Land Rover bush hat retails for £49 and is apparently part of a merchandise campaign to promote the company’s reputation for the “rugged outdoor lifestyle.”

Which is nice.

Also in the pipeline are fake alligator bite scars that can be painted on to the face, gigantic real-life ‘tashes that can be either glued or velcro’d to the top lip, a pair of vast strap on gonads with which the velcro ‘tash accessory can be used in conjunction to create extra drama when worn with short trousers, plus a Land Rover embossed sledge hammer for that authentic “ah bollocks, just whack it with this mayte” style of after sales.

Most irritating web contributor of the week; not awarded

For a while kash4011 was firmly in the running for this DAFTA, having had a pop at us – and all the other car mags and websites – for not running long term Fiats or Alfas.

I was going to point out to kash4011 that the reason Fiat and Alfa won’t dish out long term test cars is because they don’t have the financial resources to do so like the Audis, Fords and BMWs of this world do. But that would have been far too sensible an answer.