Like many others, I was a bit surprised to hear Team Lotus had bought Caterham. After a record year in 2010 for sales and profits, why was a takeover needed?

But spend just a few seconds in the company of Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes or Caterham chief Ansar Ali and you’ll wonder why the deal wasn’t done a long time ago.

Yes, the deal has an F1 element, but Caterham is not about to prostitute itself by ditching Sevens for baseball caps.

Fernandes’ purchase will allow Caterham to carry on doing what it does best: making Sevens. He brings exposure to emerging markets and the possibility of making more people aware of just how brilliant Caterhams are to drive.

Fernandes’ cash will allow the Seven to continue to evolve, develop and stay relevant. Indeed, Ali says only legislation will be the only thing that ever changes the Seven.