It was recently placed in the “cars and trucks for sale” section of the Winchester Craiglist website, which is published in the United States of America. It starts with a simple enough description of the product in question, and it reads; “1955 Packard, Super Clipper – $300 (Strasburg, VA).” 

That’s VA as in Virginia, deep in the heart of Deliverance country (even though that particular movie was shot on the Chattooga River, which divides the states of Georgia and South Carolina).  

Anyhow, given the state of the car that appears in the photographs, it’s clear that some kind of qualification is required to maintain the would-be purchaser’s attention. And it comes in the small print that follows, which reads; “V8 Auto trans. Parts car, field car” (and there we all were thinking that it was a good clean runner, albeit with a touch of oxidation to deal with around the fringes).