You'd think that given the volume of metal at last week's Frankfurt motor show, there wouldn't have been much news, but there have been some incredibly big hitters this week, with opinion-dividing reveals, reviews and revelations which make the car industry such an exciting place. 

Take a look below - or scroll through above - to find out what's been going on this week that's caused a grin or a grimace. 

The best things I've seen all week 

Volvo XC40

The small SUV segment is becoming increasingly prettier, and the clean lines and intricate yet chunky design of the Volvo XC40 is testament to the manufacturer's current design strength, as well as the segment's design focus. The red carpet on the interior weirdly works, too. 

Roewe i6

Bit of a wildcard, this one. Roewe - the new name of now Chinese-owned Rover - makes the i6, a mid-sized saloon. Without the rose-tinted retro chintz we've come to associate with throwback models, it looks exactly how you'd imagine a modern-day Rover to look, maintaining the sharp styling details of the 400 R8 with modern details.

McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo

It'll never exist in the real world, it's very, very silly (the driver lays on their front) and the performance figures are entirely theoretical. But it's so unbelievably extreme, with its wild, not-tethered-to-the-realm-of-reality styling, extreme aerodynamics and racing details, that we wish it was. Can it please be made in real life, McLaren? 

Citroën C3 Aircross interior 

Citroën has finally got its mojo back, and then some. With an interior that wouldn't look out of place in a concept car, the C3 Aircross has the right amount of quirk and is instantly, infinitely cooler than its cousin, the Vauxhall Crossland X. Kia: this is how you do an interior on a funky small SUV.

The interior of the new MG 6

The old MG 6 left a lot to be desired. Made of unimaginably awful materials inside and with as much quality, charisma and flair as unbranded wheat biscuits cereal, it makes the new 6's interior look like that of a car from a completely different marque. Sure, there are influences from all over the show in there, but it's a quantum leap forward*...

... and the worst thing I’ve seen this week:

The exterior of the MG 6

*...which is why it's such a shame that the handsome exterior styling of the car is so derivative - the front is a good 75% Jaguar XE, while the rear is at least 80% Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Ok, it's not the worst thing I've seen this week, but MG can do better and should have the confidence to produce a more original design. Can't we just have the exterior of the Roewe i6 badged as an MG instead?