The McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo was developed specifically for the game’s latest edition
Jimi Beckwith
20 September 2017

McLaren has revealed the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo, a virtual concept car exclusive to the Gran Turismo video game.

The car is powered by a 4.0-litre V8 mated to two motors; one for each front wheel. Total power is 1134bhp, while torque is 940lb ft. A theoretical kerb weight of just 1000kg helps the car make the most of its power. 

It features active aerodynamics that McLaren calls ‘Integrated Active Aero’; small openings in select surfaces that increase drag and create downforce. Unlike those that will be seen on the next F1, full surfaces will not move. 

Inside, there’s a front and central driving position, like the F1 and its upcoming replacement. But, unlike these models, the driver lays on their front rather than sitting conventionally. The cabin is designed around this driving position for the smallest possible size and weight.

As with McLaren’s real-world cars, construction is a largely carbonfibre affair, although the parallels stop there; McLaren says the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo does not foreshadow any future model. It does, however, demonstrate the company’s ambitions for 2030 and beyond. 

In-game, the driver is able to monitor the car’s brake temperatures while driving around world-famous circuits in the virtual car. Players can also choose between three liveries. 

McLaren worked with Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi to create the car. Yamauchi said: “I created the Vision Gran Turismo project to give car manufacturers the opportunity to design something that has all of the characteristics of their brand and will live on as a playable vehicle in Gran Turismo. For me, a car needs to be an extension of the driver; I am focused not just on the appearance but on the handling, the sound of the engine and the feeling you get when you are racing.” 

It’s for this reason that McLaren paid particular attention to the sound of the car, designing its exhaust and hybrid systems to deliver the best possible sound to the driver.

McLaren is one of a string of manufacturers approached by game developers to create cars for the game. Red Bull previously made a 1479bhp X1 racer specifically for Gran Turismo's fifth instalment. 

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20 September 2017

It was probably worth someone checking the images before sending them out.

20 September 2017
Autocar wrote:

The car is powered by a 4.0-litre V8 mated to two motors; one for each front wheel. Total power is 1134bhp, while torque is 940lb ft. A theoretical kerb weight of just 1000kg helps the car make the most of its power. 

My car is powered by an 8.8 litre quad turbo twin supercharged W16 mated to four motors; one for each wheel. Total power is 2500 bhp, while torque is 2208 lbft. A theoretical kerb weight of just 600 kg helps the car make the most of its power. Beat that McLaren.

20 September 2017

Pah! Mine is powered by three rolls Royce jet engines and built from unobtanium and unicorn forskin, meaning it weighs 17.5kg. Beat that!..

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