23 April 2020
Will it drift?

We already knew the Porsche Taycan Turbo is a sensational four-wheel drive all-electric saloon car, having driven one in the USA, on UK roads and even on the continent in a three-way shootout with two other game-changing grand tourers.

It has staggering performance, with 616bhp and instant torque that can go from 0-62mph in 3.2sec and onto a limited top speed of 162mph. But it's also a seriously good driver's car, that feels exactly like a Porsche should, with keen cornering. We even know it'll drift a bit, because we've tried it.

But what we don't how is how well, repeatedly, it'll drift if faced with a damp skid pan and asked to show what its fancy torque vectoring systems can really do. So now here's our chance to find out, as Matt Prior gets behind the wheel to send the Taycan sidways.


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FRI2 18 May 2020

Loud humming fake noise in

Loud humming fake noise in the Taycan is unbearable

kc_info 12 May 2020


Liked every part of the video!