6 September 2013

The Tesla Model S is the future... today. It offers most of the usability of the world's best luxury saloons, but with no tailpipe emissions and a fraction of the running costs. And it handles too. Really handles. But can it really be better than the £150,000 Aston Martin Rapide S? Steve Sutcliffe plugs in, turns on and tunes into what could just represent the future of luxury motoring.

Video: Just how much torque does a Tesla Model S produce?

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Models 23 September 2013

Drive one, then comment

To all of the angry posters who feel the need to criticize the Model S, or consider it a 'joke', please withhold such comments until after you actually drive one or even sit in one. Similarly, to those who question the green credentials of this car, please do your research. The Model S has a smaller carbon footprint than the most efficient ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) or hybrid, even if your electric grid is powered by coal.

I challenge you to find a review from any reputable source that differs materially from the review here in Autocar. By any measure, the Model S is an exceptional car and as Steve says, after driving one all ICE cars seem old fashioned.

* Consumer Reports 99 of 100: highest score ever
* Motortrend: 2013 Car of the year
* Automobile 2013 Car of the year
* NHTSA: Safest car ever tested (broke the testing machine)
* Kelly Blue Book: Highest customer satisfaction of any car: 9.7

The Model S is outselling comparable German cars in the US based on the merits of the car and the buying and ownership experience. I hope you all have the chance to see and drive this car soon.

Another happy Model S owner: Seattle

Jinx59 19 September 2013

Sponsor message

Steve, you need to talk to your IT department. The Dunlop sponsor message in front of the videos is hashed up and takes for ever to get through. Running Firefox 23.01.

Sorry for the off-topic message - but I don't see another way to inform you.

The review video is perfectly fine.


Wanos 12 September 2013


This car is without doubt the gamechanger in EV's the world has been waiting for.
The arguments that "what if you don't have a garage" is ridiculous. How many people that can afford upto $100k for a car won't have a garage or won't be able to afford the $10k battery replacement, not many I wouldn't have thought.
Upto 300 miles on a charge, 0-60 in 4.2 secs, £4.50 on a full charge and BMW/Audi/Merc build quality for the same price? Seems like a bargain to me.
Everyone has to remember that battery tech will increase massively over the next 10 years so can only be a good thing for everyone wanting an EV.
This IS a game changer and will only make every other manufacturer up their game to compete with this car and where Tesla are going in the near future.