25 September 2013

You could argue Ford's 1.0-litre EcoBoost-powered, road-legal Formula Ford is just a marketing exercise. But from an engineering - and a petrolhead's - point of view it's a whole lot more relevant than that; an intriguing gaze into what might be achievable for sports cars of the future. In the tail sits a 200bhp version of Ford's three cylinder 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, and although there are headlights, indicators and even a handbrake to justify the numberplates, to all intents and purposes this is a racing car that will never be raced. 

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Abaddon 13 October 2013


I can't see a Formula car hauling around a 40 litre tank.

Orangewheels 26 September 2013


If we take a sports car like the McLaren 12C a base, (or even the new Alfa) with a carbon tub, small capacity turbo engine, carbon bodywork , very little in terms of overweight electric frippery, but with the necessities like a cabin closed to the elements, a windscreen, a storage space for bags, air con, a heater, capable of doing more than 1000 miles without needing servicing, and fully complying with crash regulations (all things the Ford doesn't come close to having) what gems of technology is the Ford displaying that haven't been adopted by sports cars already?

Is Steve really saying that a Formula Ford with number plates that's next to useless anywhere but the track is how we should be building sports cars for the road? If so would he be kind enough to live with the car as his sole form of transport through the forthcoming winter and report back to us afterwards?

Or is the point that despite journos banging on for years that non-turbo engines were the much more enjoyable, purer driving experience more suitable for sportscars, that this wisdom should be thrown in the bin now as it was completely wrong and turbos are the way forwards? If so why does the 458 win most comparison test vs the 12C and why are so many journos pining for a non turbo V6 in the new Alfa?

Peter Cavellini 26 September 2013

It takes two BABY!!!!!

All very well and good, a single seater with 200bhp up it's chuff, but most of us would want TWO seats,so i guess a realistic weight would be 750kg with say 250bhp,and of course, a price not beginning with a three........?