25 September 2013

You could argue Ford's 1.0-litre EcoBoost-powered, road-legal Formula Ford is just a marketing exercise. But from an engineering - and a petrolhead's - point of view it's a whole lot more relevant than that; an intriguing gaze into what might be achievable for sports cars of the future. In the tail sits a 200bhp version of Ford's three cylinder 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, and although there are headlights, indicators and even a handbrake to justify the numberplates, to all intents and purposes this is a racing car that will never be raced. 

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25 September 2013

surely not a single one of those is a rival? Would be more interesting comparison with the newest caterhams, Xbow etc to see if a 1 ltr turbo car engined single seat car is a viable alternative to the 2ltr turbos, bike engined rivals etc.

25 September 2013

Exactly! Why compare to things like that.

Its Ariel/Cateram/KTM who should be worried about this car. If it truely gets even close to the claimed 100MPG when cruising, then that is a serious gain over its rivals.

Audi / Mercedes / BMW wont give a damn.

25 September 2013

Seeing as it's a one off that won't ever go into production, but I think Caterham & Ariel should be interested in that engine.

25 September 2013

Does anyone really think that car manufacturers aren't working hard to keep the mass down on all of their cars?

Did Audi accidentally add 500kg to the weight of the R8 through laziness or ineptitude or was that how much they could scrape it down to within their budgetary confinements?

I'm sure they don't need anyone to point out that lighter is better.

25 September 2013

What is point of stunts, beanos and yawnfests like the above? Are your editorial impulses so atrophied that you can't conjure up better wheezes than this tired old format? Why not critique the modern car for being so rammed with electrics, electronics, absurdly expensive cats, dpfs and other anti-pollution paraphernalia that according to Audi, after seven years, a modern car will be beyond economic repair if anything major goes wrong? That's not sustainable.
Where are the crusading articles castigating manufacturers for the outlandish disparity between cost and sale price of these same parts? Not to mention these parts trademark lack of operational longevity.
Why not start shouting about the absurd insistence by politicians on specifying catalytic convertors (which produce mainly CO2) when the main cause of the greenhouse effect (according to those same politicians), is CO2.
Also, please, stop messing about like children with the puerile sideways driving - it's not big, it's certainly not very adult and it's really not very difficult, especially when it's not your car and you're not paying for a) the tyres or b) the inevitable accident.
Where are the articles ridiculing the idea that current battery technology makes electric vehicles anything other than an overpriced (and subsidised by all of us) irrelevance?
Is the answer to 'What is point?' 'To be as asinine as TG?'

25 September 2013

Its nice to see just how well something with such a small engine can go. But with 200 bhp thanks to the addition of a turbo, and only half a ton is was always going to be quick.

As for the 118 mpg claim, i bet it did nearer 20 mpg with you Steve. These small capacity turbos only appear to be economical when driven really slowly, and it didnt look like you were going that slow!

25 September 2013

Amazing! A single seat racer for the road is lighter and more agile than a 4 seater with a roof, wipers, heater, and windscreen. What a relevant comparison. Oh and Steve, 118 MPG and Audi V10 beating performance? No. One or the other surely; and, if it's raining neither in fact.

25 September 2013

Is Ford's new 1.0 Ecoboost a good engine? Yes, it's got awards to prove it.

Would that engine make a very light racing-car-for-the-road go faster than a much heavier road-car-for-the road. Yes it would... unless it rained, that is.

Are the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes now scratching their heads wondering how they can possibly catch up? Probably not.

Sorry to say, Nurburgring lap times aside, this seemed a challenge too far for the little car.

25 September 2013

The Formula Ford may be endowed with only 200bhp but its power-weight ratio puts it in the same ball park as the Audi A8 and beyond. And as Steve mentioned, I won't be surprised if it trounces the Audi on a dry road.
I agree with Steve that the Ford's lightness and the miniscule engine show the advantage to the car makers of putting their cars on a serious diet. In fact I think the next big thing in motoring is going to be the war of weight.
Imagine the same Audi with same power but 20 per cent less weight. That would likely fly past the formidable GTR and perhaps the Bugatti Veyron too. Get the Ford out of the head and then you'll see the point he's making.

26 September 2013

The A45AMG was right on its tail at the end and was clearly able to overtake!


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