18 February 2018

Question: which car will go farther off road? 

Might it be a Range Rover? The epitome of luxury SUVs, tested here in £100,000 SVAutobiography form and powered by a mammoth V8 diesel engine, is reputedly capable of going almost anywhere in the world.

Or could it be a £15,000 Suzuki Jimny, an old-fashioned little 4x4 powered by an even tinier engine of just 1.3 litres and making just 84bhp.

We head to an old quarry - a very, very muddy old quarry - to put the pair of them to the ultimate off-road test.

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skiwi 2 March 2018


Nice video which should serve to illustrate a couple few lessons

1) Tyres are important in the 4WD world.  Any person with ANY 4WD experience would laugh at the folly of taking any vehicle, particulalry a 4WD, off road with city tyres

2) Weight kills off-road.  Work up the maths about the pounds per square inch on the 2 vehicles and you will understand why the RR could never best the Suzuki.  Possible exception sand, but only because in that environment speed (hence power) is often important

3) Driver skill is critical.  Quite simply the skill of the RR pilot is lamentable.

4) Land Rover has come a long way from the days of the lamentably fragile Series 2/2A days, but why would they continue with a Jeep-style SWB model?

Luap 19 February 2018


Great video! I love the old faithful Jimny, and I look forward to finding out what the new one is like, eventually!?