10 July 2016

The Porsche 718 Cayman is now on sale, and we've driven it on the some of the finest roads in the UK.

Like the 718 Boxster we drove a few months ago, Porsche has given the 718 Cayman a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, rather than the old, soulful six-cylinder. Does it matter as much here? Or is the four-pot really a fine replacement?

We find out, and wonder: if the 718 Cayman still is as close as you can get to being the perfect sports car, what from Porsche's huge options list would you need to tick to make it the optimum version of it?

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gillmanjr 15 August 2016

I must say I really like the

I must say I really like the changes Porsche made to the exterior, both the Cayman and Boxster. They look terrific, best looking models yet.
Peter Cavellini 15 July 2016


Hard to say what your point was,may not have the right sound,but, goes just as well?!,small detail really,for the money,it's fine,and to be honest,how fast are you meant to go on the public highways anyway?