24 April 2017

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R is officially the fastest front-wheel-drive production car to be timed at the Nürburgring, clocking a lap that’s 6.8sec faster than its predecessor could manage.

To see what the new car’s time advantage looks like, we’ve placed its onboard footage next to that of the old car. The differences are small but consistent, suggesting the 2017 car will offer incremental improvements in all areas of performance.

On paper, the new car betters the 2014 model with 10bhp more – it has 316bhp to the previous generation’s 306bhp – and it’s 16kg lighter. In practice it also seems that the additional power means the car’s six-speed manual gearbox is put to more work at the ‘Ring, as the engine powers to its redline faster.

Previous Honda Civic smashes five lap records

The new car looks more stable at high speed too, probably partly thanks to its new aerodynamic exterior package. It seems able to transmit its power to the road more effectively as well, illustrating the capability of its limited-slip differential.

Of course you could argue that these ‘Ring lap times are irrelevant because, as so many on the internet will point out, drivers, climate, track conditions and so much more can never be exactly the same between two runs. But just watch these two flat out laps together.

Look closely and the new car’s near 7.0sec advantage, which is also 5.4sec faster than the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S, is clear.

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bowsersheepdog 1 May 2017

More stable?

Doesn't look that way to me. The driver is constantly twitching the wheel from side to side, it's hardly ever held steady. The driver of the old car has a lot less trouble holding the line, he/she holds the wheel steady much more often and for longer.
Peter Cavellini 25 April 2017

Still nope?!

Yep!,so boring to watch,sounds like it's about to brake down in some bits,if it was that good how come we don't see so many on the Road?,plus other Mags complain about a lot of oversteer in the wet?!
fatbloke 11 May 2017

oh dear

They've already sold out so how can they sell anymore fool!