12 January 2014

Watch as Sutcliffe takes a brave pill, switches off all the safety systems and finds out just how poised and well-balanced the new Jaguar F-type R coupe is. Then look on as he drives ex-F1 ace Martin Brundle's Eagle Jaguar E-type to trace this new car's heritage.

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12 January 2014
All the Supercar you'll ever need.....?,i think so ,no silly over 200mph top speed,no silly super low zero to sixty,no. just a sweet handling chassis,well, until it tested on public roads.

Peter Cavellini.

12 January 2014
Think Jaguar have a winner on their hands with this Coupe, this will do well in the States.
Bring on the road test.

 Offence can only be taken not given- so give it back!

12 January 2014
So, tell me, Steve - - -

1) Can it be optionally ordered with a nice manual transmission?
2) How will it compete with the new 620 HP Corvette for 2/3 the price?


16 January 2014
Good questions. Addressed to Mr. Sutcliffe, but I'll suggest some answers:-
1 No.
2 The even less expensive standard Corvette already matches the F-Type Coupe' V8's power to weight ratio.

12 January 2014
Every car vid on there has some dumbass Yank spouting on about how their cheaply built heap has a grillion horsepower and only costs 25 grand!

13 January 2014
Couldn't they tune the noise a bit better? Sounds like it's got a hole in the exhaust, or is that just how it comes across on recording?

14 January 2014
It's amazing car!!!

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14 January 2014
This car is very different car to the original Jaguar E-type, despite it's name.

It is very fast, or very very fast, according to the engine option you choose.

It is also very expensive, as will be expected.

I am satisfied with my XJ6 TDVi and will not be changing models. I have a Series One E-type locked away in my garage, that I have owned for almost 40 years.

14 January 2014
Which each new offering, Jaguar seems to up their game. It's no wonder their worldwide sales increased some 47% in the last year. The F-Type R Coupe is a stunner.


That popping, snarling exhaust note is the sound they are going for-I've driven the F-Type V8 convertible, and that exhaust is very aggressive.

15 January 2014
milehitom wrote:

That popping, snarling exhaust note is the sound they are going for-I've driven the F-Type V8 convertible, and that exhaust is very aggressive.

OK, thanks Tom. I prefer my V8 to sound burbly and a bit NASCAR, Mercedes manage it on their AMG engines. This does sound aggressive but it seems to have fluttering, rattly quality that would grate very quickly.


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