12 April 2016

Few cars have had as long an introduction as Jaguar’s F-Pace, and the lengthy wait means expectations are incredibly high. Now it's here, can it live up to the hype?

Read our full review of the 3.0 V6 F-Pace here.

The supercharged V6 engine is the most potent currently on offer with the F-Pace, and it produces 375bhp and 320lb ft. This ranks it in direct competition with the Audi SQ5 and the class's favourite, the Porsche Macan Turbo.

Find out if the F-Pace is the drivers’ choice in its class by watching our video above. Would you choose the F-Pace over its rivals?

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405line 25 April 2016

The drivers choice?

Why would you want to drive a 2 tonne 4x4 truck at high speed? I don't get these types of vehicle and who really cares if it is "better" than a Porsche Macan Turbo, they are both way too heavy too and tall in any case.
jason_recliner 13 April 2016

Absolutely Awful

Not the car - it's just another boring wagon - but your writing. It's genuinely rare to find an Autocar video or article where you don't say "premium" at least once. You're supposed to be journalists - i.e. you're supposed to know how to write. Instead of parroting meaningless PR buzz words how about doing your job and actually writing in a descriptive, meaningful manner that imparts useful information to the reader / viewer? Which is to say, "premium" means precisely nothing, in the context of a vehicle, beyond it being more expensive than necessary. Instead, you should be detailing exactly what it is about the cabin that justifies - or otherwise - the brand marketing idiots calling yet another car "premium".
AHA1 13 April 2016

Close but no cigar

Very high spec video, nicely presented, shot and edited. Remarkable how well print journalism is transferring to video. Did Jaguar pay for the logistics of getting car and crew out there? Be interesting to know.

Stunning location but only shows how stupid the concept of a sports SUV truly is - they are all too heavy, too high and too wide to use in earnest on any decent twisty road - or on track for that matter. So what's the point of them?

Absolutely perfect car for a poseur's Chelsea tractor however. I'm sure they'll sell loads.