12 May 2016

The Ford Focus RS is the car of the moment. With 345bhp, four-wheel drive and a starting price of £31,000, it’s fast, fun and affordable.

For our latest video we take an RS to the home of the Belgian GP, Spa-Francorchamps, to see how it fares on track against proper sports cars, including the Porsche Cayman GT4.

Ride with senior staff writer Sam Sheehan in the video above, and use the comments below to tell us what you think of the RS’s on-track performance.

Ford Focus RS vs BMW M2 - twin test

Marino Franchitti on how to attack Eau Rouge in a Ford Focus RS

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12 May 2016
So no then.

12 May 2016
Churchill would've hated the Porche. "For you, Tommy, ze war is over."

12 May 2016
Methinks the Porsche driver is having a somewhat easier drive, probably sipping a cold drink while he watches the Focus driver wrestling the wheel as he thumps from one rubbing strip to another.
Enjoyed the driving though, good effort.

12 May 2016
I've got one of these on order (not the first time I've said that) but this was never going to be a fair fight. Pick on someone your own size :(

12 May 2016
The Focus did well for a hatch that costs half the price. I bet it would have been fun also, in a way something like a Ford Mustang V8 wouldn't have been under the same circumstance.

12 May 2016
It sounds pretty good from the inside. One question though, is the RS on the optional Cup 2 tyres?
I'm wondering because they (the tyres) seem to be having a tough time holding on in the corners. Perhaps it was on the standard Pilot Sports?

12 May 2016
To each his own. The Focus is probably faster 90% of the time on the open road, not that you should be doing it (pushing that hard on open roads), but if you find yourself on a deserted B road...

13 May 2016
That looked like a lot of fun to be honest, and isnt that the whole point, you dont have to be the fastest round a track, as long as you have fun. The Porsche is over twice the price, but I suspect nowhere near twice the fun, its probably as hinted at above, just a bit too cold and clinical.

13 May 2016
Cayman cold and clinical? You've never driven one then. Ford did well but if the guy in the Cayman had got past the traffic as ruthlessly as the hatch driver did instead of adopting an "after you Claud" approach he'd have been 10 seconds or more slower that lap. Good fun to see a lap of Spa though - forgotten they'd changed the bus stop so much since I was there last - didn't recognise the first few bends!

13 May 2016
That a warmed up hatch can even get close to a two-seater mid engine sports coupe speaks volumes for Ford's design team. As a bit of a Ford fan, however, I'd like to see a GT350R vs the Cayman next time. A fairer fight based on comparative prices, and I daresay the V8 would trounce the piddly German.


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