15 March 2017

This isn't your average BMW 5 Series review. We've taken a brand new BMW 530d and decided to pitch it against its toughest rival in the executive car class - the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Which is the best to drive? Which has the best infotainment and connectivity? Which is the most comfortable?

And, less objectively, which, er, does the best drifts when you turn off the stability control?

Matt Prior and Mauro Calo are your judges, as we test the two best executive cars head-to-head.

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15 March 2017
Because most of the best stuff on the BM are options - the suspension those comfort quilted seats that replace the waxy leather thats standard. Most of the autonomous driving stuff leaves me cold and doesn't work from the review. Neither looks great, but I prefer the Merc much better as an e than a C less of droop boot. I guess it would come down to the best deal.

15 March 2017
Nicely produced and enjoyed the banter and exchanges between Mauro and Matt. More of this Autocar.

As for the cars, the E-Class is an excellent excec saloon, and that just shows how brilliant the new 5 is to top it. The new class standard, I guess.

15 March 2017
Was this a car comparison or a gizmo comparison? Engine response, character? This is the return of the inline 6 from Merc, isnt it? I ask because you do not mention it.


16 March 2017
The Merc is the older V6. Straight 6 not on the market yet.

17 March 2017
Delighted Mauro has finally been allowed out of the shadows, better chemistry here than on TG.

18 March 2017
They touched on something which has always concerned me and that is the distraction that these new 'infotainment' systems offer. Just another thing that some people will prioritise over the task of actually driving.

31 March 2017
This video was a real treat to watch, so much better than Top Gear.

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