14 November 2018

Suzuki calls the all-new Jimny a true off-roader - but just how capable is the compact 4x4 when you drive it on the rough stuff?

Autocar's resident off-road expert Matt Prior has been finding out, by pushing the Jimny to its limits in a disused quarry.

Obstacles like deep water, steep hills and loose terrain are all designed to catch out lesser off-roaders, but the Jimny's ladder frame chassis and low ratio 4WD gearbox give it a fighting chance - even if a high-revving, naturally aspirated 1.5-litre petrol engine and low wade depth could work against it.

We didn't stop there, of course: for the ultimate showdown, we pitted the Jimny against a Toyota Land Cruiser over a tortuous rock crawl, to see if a sub-£20k off-roader really can go beat-for-beat with one costing more than twice the price.


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loosi007 3 September 2019

Recommended car

Jimny is highly recommended car.

Peter Cavellini 15 November 2018

But the question is....?

 Would you take your new, just out of the Packet Car over Rocks like that?, most of the meets I see on YouTube the Jeeps and whatever home made special are covered in dents and have rusty bits, Cars that have been welded and re-welded not new just out of the Showroom, no, as was said, for light work on Farms, getting into narrow areas and such like, I certainly wouldn’t be putting a five figure sum over very difficult terrain.

Bob Cholmondeley 15 November 2018

For a car, by today's

For a car, by today's standards, so small and cheap, the Jimny is highly impressive.