25 May 2012

This is the new Rolls Royce Phantom. Changes compared with the old model are few and far between, the biggest of which being the addition of an imperceptibly smooth eight-speed automatic gearbox. This is still the pinnacle of luxury travel

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26 May 2012

Inside, it looks great,really no expense spaired, but, on the outside, well, Black would be my last choice, ministerial car,royal transport,dictator car,bright colors like blue,green,even a grey for heavens sake,plus,i don't know about you, but it looks as if they have forgotten some of the trim on the bodywork,i don't like the rear boot area, it looks too small compared to the rest of the car. This is Britain's luxury car export, most will be sold in the Gulf states and China, i just think it's an unresolved car exterior-wise. 

Peter Cavellini.

26 May 2012

I do like Matt Prior. And wot a car.

28 May 2012

Its one hell of an impressive machine! inside and out looks stunning and you have to aprreciate the hours, effort and craftsmanship the rolls staff put into the cars. i find the price tag equally impressive to haha

28 May 2012

I'd agree on the choice of black as a colour - it doesnt suit the car at all, as personally I think the Phantom is one of the best cars for a two tone colour scheme out there. But that's about my only grumble and its a tiny one. otherwise a fantastic car and glad it's made here.

28 May 2012

Fantastic design that doesn't look dated at all. The Phantom and the Ghost have kept Bentley in the shade.

31 May 2012

Excellent review from my namesake.

Rolls Royce is the marque for the discerning (including Royalty)


The Bentley of today is for the Nouveau Riche - a pity that..............

Malo Mori Quam Foedari

1 June 2012

Sublime package and quality craftmanship....but just like the Range Rovers, the illusion is slightly spoilt when you pull up behind one and cop a dirty great eyefull of the girders/ exhaust boxes/ spare wheel etc underneath the rear bumper, usually grubby and rusty! 

Small point but always reminds me of a Mondeo.

19 June 2012

Matt's about my favourite reviewer around at the moment. The reasons? Gravitas and sound editorial judgment. I believe what he says. He's not leaping about in your face, saying things for effect. Exactly what an Autocar video review should be.

15 July 2012

The car is truly hideous - over-sized, ugly and quite, quite vulgar.

I agree that the reviewer is very good, though.

8 January 2013

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