22 July 2021

The Land Rover Defender V8 is back. Until the 1990s a woofly big petrol engine was a staple in the Defender range but, barring a few special editions since, it has been largely absent from Land Rover's most versatile vehicle.

Now, though, in this new Defender, the V8 is back. The new V8 Defender can be had in short or long wheelbase, 90 or 110, forms. And in either way, performance is strong. The V8 is a 5.0-litre supercharged unit making 518bhp and 461lb ft, which is good for 0-62mph in 4.9sec and a 149mph top speed.

What it's less good for, perhaps unsurprisingly, is sipping only a little fuel. This is a 19.3mpg, 330g/km car. And it's quite expensive, costing from at least £98,575.

But maybe, just maybe, the appeal of a big, lustful V8 makes it worth it? Join Matt Prior as he finds out.


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jer 26 July 2021
@Stephen... Selling a handful of these will l make no difference to the climate crisis. One more Amazon delivery van produces with use produces far more co2. I have a petrol car that I use sparingly but offset with a house that is supremely energy efficient. Do people that live in say Victorian homes that use lots of energy receive the same criticism?
289 23 July 2021

@ stephen sharpe

I dont think they will be banned at all. They just wont be replaced, (probably increasing their value). Frankly there are so few of them that it wont make a scrap of difference.

You would do better to focus your attention on Billionaires indulging themselves with private jets, superyachts and now rocket trips FFS. Imagine the carbon footprint of just one egotistical twat!

289 23 July 2021

I am surprised that you think 30-35mpg in Petrol mode is 'not very good' Matt.

I would have thought this was bloody brilliant for a big heavy brick shaped 4x4.

Likewise 20 mpg on the V8 is fantastic imo.

The price is an issue for the V8 though for me, pretensions of grandeur for a LR product me thinks....I would rather buy a secondhand G-Wagen for that money (or add funds for a new one).