14 January 2021

Ford Performance, the product development team behind cars like the Ford Focus RS and Ford Mustang, has never made a performance SUV before.

The new Ford Puma ST is their first half-attempt at one, which effectively puts the 197bhp three-cylinder turbo engine and a lot of the front-drive running gear from the popular Ford Fiesta ST into a jacked-up Puma crossover hatchback body.

But there's more to this car than that, as Matt Saunders explains during our first drive along the rolling - and unexpectedly bumpy-feeling - Sussex Downs.


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Bimfan 16 January 2021

It sounds like exactly the dog's breakfast I expected it would be. Crossovers cannot be made to handle as well as lower riding hatches/saloons.

Buy the Fiesta ST if you want a performance hatch, or the ordinary Puma if you want the styling and boot box. You can't have both in one package, without unacceptable compromises.

lamcote 16 January 2021

Why on Earth would a larger diameter wheel increase scrub radius?

I've never heard such a ridiculous explanation!!

voyager12 14 January 2021

Must be the first car then where a customer might or even should ask for a smaller diameter rim and a not so wide tire.

Einarbb 14 January 2021

Problem is also the bigger wheels increase unsprung weight which make ride control harder to achieve at speed, calls for even stiffer dampening to deal with -- smaller wheels is probably the right call for this car; probably makes it lot more pleasant to drive.