6 November 2018

The BMW Z4 enters a third full model generation this year, getting lower, wider, faster and better-equipped than any of its predecessors.

But is the latest version, which switches back to a cloth-top hood from the folding metal roof of the last Z4, and comes in BMW's M Performance-branded form to boot, finally the driver's car to really challenge the perennially brilliant Porsche 718 Boxster S?

On paper, BMW's two-seater sports car has plenty going for it, including two extra cylinders. The 3.0-litre engine produces 340bhp and 369lb of torque in range-topping M40i guise, and according to BMW, is three seconds faster around the Nordschleife than an M2.

Does it deliver a Porsche-beating experience in the real world - and does it do justice to the long lineage of front-engine, rear-drive Z cars? Matt Saunders took to Lisbon's best roads to find out.


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Emilly12 12 November 2018


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Luap 23 November 2018


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david RS 7 November 2018

Ah, the Z3 2.8 was so good.

Ah, the Z3 2.8 was so good.

Now, we have lost the L6 (a true L6 without turbo).

Having seen it in the flesh too, I'm not a big fan of the nose.

They ahve problems too with the 3 series which bring nothing except style gimmicks or complications.

And no more interesting engines...