2 November 2017

With more than 600bhp, the M760Li xDrive is the most powerful production BMW yet. For the time being, it's also the fastest-accelerating road car BMW has built so far. 

But how does it compare with Porsche's own big-power luxury machine, the Panamera Turbo? We drive both cars on the road before heading to the test track, where we find out which is faster in a drag race. 

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Peter Cavellini 7 January 2018

Two alike....?!

No, ones a BIG Limo sized Car, the other is a Cruiser, more direct comparison would have been an...M5...!

nkrz 3 November 2017

Apples to Oranges

All the tests and feedback on the cars tested is relevant and true except that they are different classes of vehicle. 

The real comparison needs to be with the new M5 which would better match the Panamera in concept and performance as when you compared the E63 to it in an earlier video. 

One thing I did note is how bumpy the ride was in the Panamera compared the 7. It even affected the tonality of the presenter’s voice. 

Bob Cholmondeley 2 November 2017

Both cars seem to do a good

Both cars seem to do a good job of what they set out to do. Just one criticism, the BMW's engine note is rather lacking in V12 character, even though it is not near silent like a Roller.