13 September 2018

The BMW M2 Competition is a more hardcore, more driver-focused version of a car that was already quite hardcore and driver-focused. The M2 is BMW 's compact sports hatch. It's fast, agile, grippy and is the kind of car to rival Porsche's 718 Cayman.

For our money, the Cayman retained the edge over the M2, owing to the fact that - although it has a wheezy-sounding four-cylinder engine - the Cayman was better to throw at a set of corners.

The M2 Competition (which, effectively, just replaces the M2) sets out to change that, though. With a BMW new engine straight out of the M3 and BMW M4 (albeit marginally detuned) and with a new suspension set up, it aims to knock the 718 off of its smug class-topping perch.

Join us as we take the M2 Competition onto the Ascari race track and the excellent roads surrounding it, to see what the car is made of.


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Peter Cavellini 13 September 2018

No ifs no buts....

  Nice Car no question, your money your choice, same old mantra I hear, well, yes, yes it is, you buy what you like not what someone else thinks is better.