20 September 2019

The McLaren GT is the firm’s first dedicated grand tourer, designed from the outset to be as easy and comfortable to live with as it is thrilling to drive.

With bespoke bodywork, lots of luggage carrying ability, a luxuriously appointed interior and previously unheard or levels of refinement, for McLaren at least, the GT’s task is to both to shrink mammoth motorway journeys and monster mountain passes.

To find out whether McLaren has pulled off this delicate balancing act we subjected it to the ultimate GT test - driving from the very south of France back to the UK, taking in some of the best driving roads Europe has to offer. Here’s how we got on.

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McLaren GT review

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Einarbb 21 September 2019

McLaren for the road

appears being it's brief - rear luggage evidently only for luggage that is heat tolerant irrespective of McLaren claims - no food, lubes or liquids - put any of that up front. Overall luggage space acceptable for short trips. Car accepably refined for those as well. Yet having handling of sport car for the road as well as quite enough performance. Fuel consumption seems also acceptable when loitering at a cruice. Looks seem Ok. So if a person likes it, why not.