1 August 2019

For many, the McLaren F1 remains the greatest hypercar. “Never-bettered.” “Ground-breaking.” “The pinnacle.” These are just three of the labels given to the McLaren F1 in the Autocar office.

In 1994, we exclusively road tested the famous hypercar, taking it to 211mph at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. 

Twenty-five years later, we’re in the exact same car, chassis XP5, to see how far the Ultimate Series lineage has come with two of the F1’s descendants: the McLaren P1 and Senna.

And where better to conduct the landmark shootout than the airfield where it all began?

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1 August 2019

The F1 is far ahead by its concept, beauty and sound.


2 August 2019
Agreed. The F1 is not sensuously beautiful like the Dino or the BMW507. It's more than that, in its exquisite details - inside and out - it is technology made expressive (rather like Calatrava's architecture).
Subsequent McLarens are either bland looking or downright ugly.
If the brand is about driving pleasure, then its engineers may argue that visual pleasure is unimportant and the owners don't bother about investing in the design department.

1 August 2019

It represents the apogee of cars (for ever).


2 August 2019

I love how much Matt obviously loves driving these cars, but particularly the F1. Lucky boy.

Ok, maybe not the fastest ever, but the F1 stakes a claim for the best supercar ever. Amazing.

3 August 2019

The F1 is a solid gold classic.  As a car to enjoy, the hardcore violence of the Senna appeals to me more.  I like cars and bikes that scare me a bit.

The P1 is an incredible achievement but doesn't draw me in like the other two.  I bet the acceleration is bonkers though!

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