Currently reading: McLaren confirms new Ultimate Series speedster
Open-cockpit car, revealed exclusively by Autocar, is due in 2020 and designed for 'pure driving pleasure'

McLaren has confirmed that it is developing a new limited-run two-seat open-cockpit roadster as its next Ultimate Series model, as revealed exclusively by Autocar.

The yet-to-be-named new machine, which, the firm claims, will offer its “purest driving experience yet”, will make its debut in 2020 and have a limited production run of 399 cars. Company boss Mike Flewitt announced the car during a customer briefing at the Pebble Beach concours.

It will sit between the track-focused McLaren Senna and the 250mph ultra-streamlined Speedtail hyper-GT in McLaren's Ultimate Series range, which dates back to the P1 supercar from 2013.

The new roadster will be aimed at providing “road-focused driving pleasure”, with a bold open-cockpit design. Although the firm hasn’t given any technical details yet, the new model will use the firm’s traditional carbonfibre chassis and a version of its long-running 4.0-lite V8 twin-turbocharged engine. Autocar understands that the roadster will be a lightweight design and is tipped to weigh less than the 1198kg Senna.

“At McLaren Automotive, we are consistently pushing the boundaries to deliver the purest and most engaging driving experience whether for the road or track,” said Flewitt. “Our two current Ultimate Series cars, the Senna and Speedtail, offer unique and distinct driving experiences. Now this new addition to the Ultimate Series, an open-cockpit roadster, will take road-focused driving pleasure to new levels.”

McLaren is taking expressions of interest from customers for the car, which is set to be priced between the £750,000 McLaren Senna and £2.1 million Speedtail hyper-GT. With the new model due in 2020, it will likely go into production after the final examples of the Senna GTR are completed. 

The new speedster will take on the forthcoming open-cockpit Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 roadsters.

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Cenuijmu 16 August 2019

I met a fortune teller last week and she told me

That I would meet a dark haired attractive woman soon who would make me travel to far distant lands.  Rather less than impressed for my £5 I asked "what else?"

"The next Mclaren will have a 4 litre turbo V8 engine", she replied, "but look different"

And people laugh at fortune tellers, saying it is a scam.

Peter Cavellini 16 August 2019

What next?!

 Maybe an ultimate McLaren Tin opener...?

James Dene 16 August 2019


Looks like your options are a million or more for a car that looks like the child of open-wheel racer and the Batmobile or saving an awful lot of money chasing your "purest driving experience" by buying an Ariel Atom V8, Caterham R600 or similarly positioned and priced vehicle.


I'm a great fan of McLaren but some of its high-end ideas are starting to look desperate.